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Mordekaiser Fail or Good for 3v3?

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Okay I'll admit here, I blew it out of proportion. Mord is by far not the worst champ that one can pick, and not an automatic don't pick (but still should probably not be your first pick all the time). Though I'm still not sure where you get off judging me by my elo and ranking when you aren't even ranked, and just today graduated from bot games and started playing normal games. But whatever, I'm done with that.

And with the tier list, I'm sure Sam has a great understanding of things, better than myself I can very easily admit, however I'm pretty sure Sam said it himself; The placement on the tier list assumes high, if not maximum skill level. Now simply the fact that OP was asking whether Mord was a good champ or not shows that skill level is not necessarily high. In fact after checking things out, OP is only level 28 with less than 150 combined wins in SR and TT. So yeah, me saying just don't do it is bad, however feeding all these numbers and plus sides with little negative is bad too. I remember when I was at that level of play, it's a learning time, pre-30 is a time when you should be developing your own playstyle. I can tell you with all confidence that the champs that I mained way back then are definitely not the champs that I main now, not even close.

So the best advice that anyone could give to OP isn't "don't play morde" or even "morde can do so much damage, and is a late game beast, and his negatives are easy to manage", it's "Try it yourself and see what you think". Maybe OP's playstyle is simply just not fitted to morde, and that's just fine. Maybe OP rocks out loud with morde and will carry every single game, but me saying "don't do it" and putting it down in OP's head isn't good, and you saying "don't listen to this *******, morde is great" and giving OP false expectations about what is going to happen when he continuously locks in morde.

Most champs can be good in their own places (emphasize most) However it's moreso about the summoner behind the champ. I was being an *******, and perhaps shouted my point of view a bit too loudly, but you weren't any more in the right than me.

Apology accepted. You're being more reasonable, but there's still a few discrepancies.

1) I got my gold in S2 and stopped playing ranked. S3 brought changes, but the game didn't change. Interesting story, a diamond player added me after reading my post cause he's been playing a lot of mord. He liked my build and was asking me about some alternatives. I'm judging you by your elo because your reviews are subjective. You can't tell me "mord's Q doesn't scale 165-300% of ad because you're gold," but I can say your ability to farm Mords is based on your silver.
2) LoL @ the bot game. True story: I actually clicked the wrong thing while working on some Ruby scripts. I **** you not I was 3 minutes in before I realized it was a bot game. I was like, "Annie/Cho top? wtf." Hilarious. PS: I have over 3000 wins.
3) You have a point about skill caps, but "try it yourself" is not an answer to his question. If the OP wanted to try it himself, he wouldn't have posted on the forums.
4) I never said Morde was great (even though I believe he is, although not the best). I started my post (which you didn't read until halfway into this debate, and probably still haven't read in it's entirety) by listing some of Morde's weaknesses, and went on to detail exactly how Mord's ult scales with three of the opponent's stats (and bonus! caps points). I feel I gave an objective review, while yours was completely subjective and anecdotal.