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Tips on jungling?

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Sinister Sundown

Junior Member


I'm having trouble jungling. It's the only role I have trouble with. Every PvP game I jungle, I fail miserably. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on ganking,since that's normally where I mess up on.

My clear times are okay,since most of my junglers have fast clear times like Zed and Olaf, but when it comes to ganking, for some reason I'm normally so weak that even if the initiation goes well,I'm so weak that I die to the enemy laner. So dying like that puts me behind pretty far. I lose my buffs,I lose the EXP and gold that I would've gotten for getting a kill or assist,and I also lose out on EXP and gold I could be getting from jungle creeps that I would be killing if I wasn't dead. And sometimes, I'm already behind in level,behind both my team and the enemy team. So sometimes, my ganks are already doomed from the start.

Sometimes I think its just because I don't land certain abilities,positioning. I think maybe even the routes I take are what slows down my leveling,because, although I did say that I feel as if I have fast clear times, I've never really watched someone else jungle,so idk if my clear times are as good as they're supposed to be.I don't think its my runes or masteries. Almost all my junglers are AD,so my AD rune page fits them perfectly(ArPen Marks,Flat AD quints,armor seals,etc etc) My mastery page for Jungle seems alright, I have all the masteries that benefit jungling(The ones that give extra gold,movement speed,Buff duration increase, etc etc). My starting items sort of vary, though I normally get some form of damage (Hunter's Machete,Long Sword,etc) + Health potions.

But in general,my question is....what can I do to speed up routes and gank properly so that I don't fall behind too much?

Also, if anyone is wondering specifically which junglers I use, I've been mainly on a streak of using Xin Zhao,Olaf,Nocturne,and Zed

EDIT : For anyone that looks me up on Lolking (Don't know why anyone would,other than to see the scores of my last few horrible jungle games) I just realized I was logged in on my old smurf account that I don't use when I made this thread. So if anyone feels the need to look me up, please remember it's Sinister Strife,not Sundown.

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Watch streams of players that main jungle. For example, Saint Vicious and XJ9.
Always start with machete and 5 potions. It's what I've seen most, if not all, the pros use.
My default rune page is 3 move speed quints, 9 Attack Speed Marks, 9 Flat Armor Seals and 9 Magic Resist Per Level Glyphs.
Masteries i always use 9/21/0 and the offense tree varies depending of if I use an AD or AP jungler.
As far as EXP, I prefer to tax the lanes that I gank. By this, I mean that I will take cs on my way back into the jungle. Some don't like it, but if they go back ill push it or freeze it for them depending on the situation.
Also, pick 1 or 2 at most champs to jungle with and get better with them. Then you can add more to your resume of champs to jungle with.

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SeCKS Egai

Senior Member


Lolking'd your main.

2 Rune pages aren't enough, especially at level 30.

I wouldn't bother with armor pen unless you stack both reds/quints - but that hurts your clear time in most cases.

I learned to jungle on Udyr - he's not so competitive these days, but he's not only my fastest jungler, but my safest as well.

Before you deal with pvp jungling - practice in co op. Custom isn't so great because top lane will usually fall quick solo and the rest of the lanes get split after as the AI attempts to compensate. In Ai, you don't have to worry about invades or counter-jungling, making it easier to focus on other matters.

S3 is quite a bit different than previous jungles. For a new jungler it can be very rough.

The biggest problem most new junglers have is that they believe that they are supposed to run their route and gank. It's not that simple.

One of the keys to jungling is map awareness, and jungling has improved my general awareness considerably. After you run your initial route - check each of the lanes. When you do gank, you do so because the situation is favorable to your team or because you need to take some pressure off a lane that's heavily zoned out.

It's very easy to get behind as the jungler these days, so you can't constantly roam lanes unless you're regularly getting kills/assists. If ganking a lane results in your death, unless your teammates clean it up you're basically making things worse. Stay in the jungle and farm whenever you don't see solid opportunity.

Of course, recognizing opportunities is the real hard part. A lot of that must be learned through experience, but watching professional junglers can definitely provide some insight, as well as reading up on quality jungling guides.