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LoLTournaments.com 6 Spots Left! Feb 18th-22nd. Over $300 RP in Prizes!

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Admiral 13otch



Greetings Summoners!

LoLTournaments.com is proudly holding our next 5v5 online tournament "Love Fest!" We will be streaming matches live and we will have prizes to hand out for stream viewers!

Tournament 1st place winner will receive $50 worth of RP to be distributed between their team members sponsored by LoLTournaments.com

Riot will also be doing a prize package for tournament winners which includes the following;

1st place: $20 RP + Triumphant Ryze per player
2nd place: $15 RP per player
3rd place: $10 RP per player
4th place: $5 RP per player

This will be our 4th online tournament, we've been having great success so far and hope to move that momentum forward!

Here are the details:

- Teams cap at 32 CONFIRMED teams. Teams are confirmed by every member registering at loltournaments.com.

-Tournament dates go from Monday February 18th through Friday February 22nd.

-Default start time will be 10PM EST! We HIGHLY encourage teams to work together and be respectful of their opponents availability. However if no time can be agreed upon, default time will be used. All matches must be played on their scheduled days only!

-This is a single elimination tournament! Matches against your opponent are best of 3 games all played in one night. Winner moves on to the next day!

-Top seed invites their opponent for the first game, bottom seed invites for 2nd game. If it goes to a 3rd game top seed will invite. All matches are to use tournament draft mode with standard 3 bans per team.

-Your team is not confirmed on our site until you have all 5 players completely registered on our site. Brackets will go live when we hit 32 confirmed teams, or Sunday February 17th. Which ever comes first!

-We will provide contact information for your opponents. Please look for it Sunday night at the latest! We will keep everyone posted! -1st place will win at least $50 worth of Riot points for their winning team to split. Riot may also provide us with more prizes for our top placing teams! We’ll update when we know more about the Riot prize package!

Sign your teams up ASAP and we'll see you on the battlefields!

Check our facebook page for updates or feel free to drop us a line


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Junior Member


4 spots left now, and only a few more hours to sign up