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FUUUU @ people that don't talk

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Dear random solo queuers:

Don't lock in with a dps champion right away and expect someone else to tank for you. Maybe they've had enough with tanking. Give it time and see whos gonna play what, if no one picks then talk, if no one talks then pick what you want.

I'll speak out about this as someone who generally likes tanking. I rarely tank in solo queues. Mostly because of how bad people are at team work and how rarely my tanking is rewarded by seeing the enemy fall over dead because of it. So yeah it irritates me when i see 3 instantly lock in with squishy dps carries then piss and moan when the last 2 guys just so happen dont want to play tanks. DEAL WITH IT.

TL,DR Dont EXPECT other people to tank in solo queue.

Although you have a valid point, he was playing as AP Gragas.
Also, it was a ranked game so you need communication and a properly balanced team.
He asked if Udyr could tank, the ******* that apparently "know how to speak English perfectly" should have just said he wasn't going to tank at champion select. Plain and simple.
He had no right to rage at him later.
I mean, he even sacrificed his AP Gragas build just to tank for the team.
That=team player.