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Dear Riot

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Junior Member


Dear Riot,
thanks for ur new system for ranking. Its working pretty well. However, I think penalizing people that leave in character selection is kinda mean for them. Let me explain.
Ur matching up with 9 other guys, u start ur banning selection. And suddenly, u got a guy that say : Mid or trolling. Or : AHAH this is not my account, I will afk and make u loose, or things like that. Instead of loosing a ranked game, u leave. And what happened to the kind guy that leave the game? He loose points and have to wait 30 minutes before going in another game. I dont mind waiting, but loosing points, because u know that ur gonna loose ranking points cuz of 1 mean stupid guy? Come on... thats really bad, u dont think so?

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It was like this in s1 and s2.
Dodging for free is just taking the easy way out. The LP loss has way less of an impact them it did in the other seasons.
MMR is not affected, and Riot doesn't read SR forums.