Verciau Streaming Live With Giveaways and Lots Of Fun

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Hey guys come join us over here at to watch some Gold I ranked, Draft picks with friends, and even viewer games! Win cool prizes or buy some using vpoints! Either way were happy to have you here with us! If you like the stream bump us for some free vpoints and thanks for watching!

Viewer Goals:

15 viewers - vPoints
20 viewers - vPoints
25 viewers - Raffle ticket for $10 RP card
35 viewers - 520rp skin or less
50 viewers - 750rp skin or less
60 viewers - 975rp or less skin 75 viewers - $10 RP card
100 viewers - $10 RP card
400 viewers - Skullcandy Gaming Headset < Works for PC
1000 viewers - Surprise Giveaway (only original viewers know)

Follower Goals:

500 followers - Dawngate Beta key!
525 followers - Free Raffle ticket for $10 RP card
550 followers - Free Raffle ticket for $10 RP card
575 followers - Free Raffle ticket for $10 RP card
600 followers - Free Raffle ticket for $10 RP card
Raffle is drawn on Friday August 30th

Note: skins are gifted through LoL client, may take 2 weeks if your not on my friends list already.

In order to be eligible to be a winner in my giveaways, you must be a follower of the channel and must be in my channel's chat at the time of the giveaway. Each winner will be randomly selected and announced on stream. If you are not present, or do not claim your prize, another winner will be chosen instead.

The more goals we reach the more we add!

What are vPoints? They are points that viewers can earn and spend on my channel.

How do I earn vPoints?
- earn 1 vPoint for every 5min you watch the stream
- win vPoints in giveaways - bump my threads on LoL forums

How many points do I have? In chat type !points to see how many points you have.

How do I spend my points? Send me a twitch message with what you would like to purchase.

What can I buy with my vPoints?
- 100 vPoints = choose my adc for a game(one per night)
- 250 vPoints = dawngate beta key
- 400 vPoints = create any bot message (example: !hug)
- 500 vPoints = 1v1 anyone on stream
- 750 vPoints = raffle ticket for $10 RP (drawn this Thursday)
- 1000 vPoints = lesson with verciau
- 5000 vPoints = subscriber status!

Prizes are added often so check back in to see what else is new with us!