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Game vanished

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So, I was recently playing in PBE, when suddenly got disconnected. Since it lasted for almost a minute, and my internet wasn't actually down, I closed the window and got back to lobby but no "Reconnect" button was showing.

What does this means? The "room" was simply erased from de server or I shoudn't close windows when in PBE?
Are my fellow mates still waiting for me to get back or the match was interrupted?
Can anyone elucidate me? In match history there are no records of it, nor in the Replay browser.

BTW, that was the secont time tis happened, the other was yesterday, in the same match we caught the "death colors" bug, when we see all gray scaled while still alive (guess it was because of Zyra, as they said...).

Sorry for the wall of text, just one less question: should I report this as a bug or not?

Ty for reading.

Edit: this isn't the account I was using, for obvious reasons. There my nick is TheBosa.