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Your attention please.... Real Silver Streaming Medalist Here

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Hey everyone, my names Cameron. The summoner name is sWiGgL3R (as you can see to the left there). Like all of you or most of you, I am an avid League player and just have recently started up a stream.

I am sure you have read one of these before and have watched plenty of other streamers. For those of you who haven’t watched streams, and find yourself bored and tired of tv, you should really start checking them out.

The thing about League of Legends and becoming better is all about learning. Yes playing and practicing helps tremendously, but having a sense of direction can significantly help. It will allow us to reach that goal we all share of “raising elo”, I mean reaching “challenger” I should say.

Watching streams is a great way to learn and you can enjoy great live entertainment or if your a big fan of that streamer watch their past streams. Not to mention there is no subscription fee or fee for visiting the stream. Just like TV, you can just flip the channel if the streamer is boring or you see something else that interests you. Twitch TV I believe is one of the top free video game streaming websites up right now. Some streamers rack up to over 50k viewers and the tournaments can get over 200k viewers. Incredible, right?

So why not drop by and have a good laugh and learn a few tips or ticks about leagues. Not to mention my trolling friends and I always manage to find something crazy and OP to run? Run a kill lane bot? Sure. Play Teemo or Annie jungle? Why not; I will do whatever in normal games. Those are just for fun and should stay that way.

When it comes to ranked though, I would like to get more serious. I am aiming for diamond; did I mention how close I was? Silver division 5. I am still shooting for that diamond eventually. I think it would be pretty cool to watch someone rise to the top. See what I did, and then how you could do it yourself. I know its far away, but I am pretty optimistic and persistent. I know I am not godlike at LoL. The key is when playing is to realize your mistakes and become better from them.

I seriously encourage you to watch streamers, what really has inspired me to write this and begin streaming is Curses VoyBoy. He has been a tremendous help to my League of Legends game-play and attitude. Not only that, he also introduced the program Open Broadcasting Software. This streaming program is not only easy to manage but also free. This is the program that I will be streaming to you from. If anyone who wants to start up a channel themselves and needs advice or help, I would be more than happy to assist.

Eventually, once I have accumulated more viewers, I will start giving away Riot Points and other things once I get some more ideas. I will eventually make a web page also on Facebook and Twitter. I to keep everyone informed with what I am doing and more info on stream times etc. I am really looking forward to doing this and pretty stoked. I will also invite people on my chat watching the streams to join for normal or ARAM style game.

To whomever has read this far, thanks for taking 5 minutes to read this brief article.
Hopefully, I will see you on in the stream.


and btw, the times I stream are: (Eastern Time)

SUN: 9pm- when the parties over
MON: 9pm-1am
TUES: 6pm-1am
WED: 9pm-1am
FRI: 10pm-2am
SAT: 8pm-2am
These can change and are estimated.[/INDENT]