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There is no Meta.

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There IS a most efficient way to win.

Sometimes that way is Bruiser Top/AP MId/Bruiser Jungle/Support+AD Carry Bottom.

Sometimes its AP Top, AD Carry Mid (As a counter-pick, Sivir, Urgot, M.F. are good examples of this), Killlane Bottom, AP jungler.

Sometimes its other things.

It all depends on what champions are picked/banned in what order and if you have the skill and champ selection available to you or your team to counter enemy picks.

Stop following the meta when its an inferior way to victory.
Stop breaking the meta when its an inferior way to victory.

Start communicating at champion select.
Stop First picking champs that are easily counterable and going to your standard lane once you have been counter picked.
Start lane swamping as needed to improve your chances at a good laning phase and by extension a good game.
Start learning to play your favorite role in other lanes, in case you need to lane swap to win. (AD carry's who have no idea how to play there champion with out a suppot, I am looking at you).

Actually learn the game please.

Thank you.

EDIT: Downvoting me doesn't make your right. A reasonable counterargument does.

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true as long as you play draven and watch me play draven you will win games all day long :http://www.twitch.tv/barklol