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A Simple Thank You!

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To my teams that I have been matched with in draft mode and ranked. I thank you. As I have continued to fine tune my game this season, I have noticed fewer and fewer ragers and trolls. Your compassion for my inability to produce a perfect game has been kind. You show mercy to the defeated teams when we do win. That is true sportsmanship. I have learned some sweet tips and tricks with each of the positions on the map. As the patches have come and gone, you have adapted quickly and advanced your skills to match the changes.

For the team carry : Your back must hurt but you have trudged across the rift with all of us upon your backs without the smallest of complains. Your game is strong and your advice is sage. Thanks.

To those on the other team....thanks for the win. I know that may seem rude, but as we advance each for ourselves through the solo queue, we all know one team will lose. Whether that may be due to afk, trolls or just absolute new players to the ranked system. So sincerely I say thank you, yet grimace for r your defeat at the same time. I know it is not fun to lose. Best luck for you in the next game. I do hope you wish me the same in my future games.

Guys. this game is awesome. Graphics, storylines, depth and continued growth and development of the game is phenomenal. Let's hope we all have the fortune of playing a game such as this.

Cheers. GL and HF!