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Jungle Diana

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Mansa TChalla

Senior Member


How do I build her?

I run flat ap quints, as reds, armor and scaling mr blues. I take spirit stone but I dont know if I should build it. I don't know whether to come out tanky or bursty. I like tanky diana. I also take 9/21/0 masteries. I'm also wondering if I should take Mpen quints, as reds, armor yellos and scaling ap blues.

I'm wondering if I should go crystal scepter or finish spirit stone into the wraith one that gives you spell vamp.

I like tanky items like iceborn on her. I think its a good item that gives her cdr, mana and a good slow because of how much she can spam R and Q. I dont know whats a good MR item besides abyssal.

I like her level six jungle with RE combo a lot. So I wanna keep playing her.

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Junior Member


Imo for jungling diana I would go straight burst. When i play her I focus on killing the carries. I take a 21/9 mastery page on her with my runes set up Mpen reds, HP yellows(i dont have anything else really), and straight AP blues and quints. This gives you a lot of early game damage that you need to burst people down in ganks. And Items like iceborn gauntlet arent bad, but I would leave them for more tanky junglers like skarner that go more for sustained damage than burst. Also, i do start machete + 5 pots with her, but I leave it at that. Its more personal opinion, but I really dont like the spirit items much. They have good stats and all, but when I build my burst diana, I would benefit more from flat ap/Mpen items like Rabadon's, Void Staff, and maybe a Lich's Bane.