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Advice on new League system

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I believe there is a good number of solutions to fix the league system. I have identified a few problems:

Breifly, when I say troll, I mean someone who leaves afks or buys all boots or something, NOT for bad play.

1. People leave the game, and there is no safe way to bow out, and I still get -League score at the end of the round

2. It is very common for me to find myself with a very respectable support score of 2/2/26 (there were like 30 total kills in the match) and because of a leaver we still lost. And I lost league points.

3. Series matches are a good idea, but they should have a system in place to forgive trolled matches. If 2 out of 3 games have leavers which has happened in bronze to me before

That said I have a pretty good idea of what should be done, outside of restructuring the league system entirely.

A. If a player has higher kills or assists than deaths and still loses they get a small lp increase, or even better it just doesn't decrease, and you'd have to win to enter a series of course

B. If you play a game where you have like many more deaths than kills or assists you you are penalized, I suppose if you win it just wouldn't give you less or no LP

C. If there are leavers, you can leave the game and start another after 5 minutes of them being gone, or play and based on your end score get either no LP or some LP

D. Series matches must only be full games 5 v 5. Any leavers and the game won't count as a series match. Series matches ignore kda and just focus on wins/losses aka team play

Bear in mind, I'm just giving an opinion.

I understand that there are issues with this idea, i just wanted to put my thoughts out.

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The reason this fails is if i'm dou-ing with a friend and I am on my series and we start to lose I can just get him to DC and the loss doesn't count.
Or even worse if we start to lose we can all just bully the person with the lowest KDA to leave
And what about the winning team in a 4v5 do they still get the win even though it wasn't fair?

Decent thoughts but the system is too easy to abuse