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Bronze Divison III, tips on how to be better

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Here is the biggest tip of all. It is completely foolproof. The true way to get better at the game is trial and error. You have to examine each situation as it is, or was if you use LoL Replay (I recommend this), And see what you could've done better to change the outcome and remember next time. Let's say you are a top lane and your bottom lane's chat before game appears to have a lot of spelling mistakes. It would be smart to grab teleport to secure an early gank after your opponent backs off your lane. Also, a great tip is to be as nice as possible to your teammates. Here are some examples;
Bad teammate: Omg stop feeding noob, [All] REPORT _____ , You suck.
Good teammate: You may have died a few times, but all you can do from now is play the best you can. Hey _____, a good idea is; *insert good tip here* ,

If your teammates are harassing a player on your team, be as nice as possible and say things like this;
Dude, talking badly about your team isn't gonna make them do better.

Its all about the attitude you use while you play. A positive attitude can make a huge difference in your teammates' behavior. I like giving people tips in my game, even if they are on the other team. It makes the game more fun for them and myself knowing I have the satisfaction that I helped someone do better. I hope this guide helped and you have lots more fun in soloqueue!