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The cold, harsh truth.

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There's another sad fact that you missed, and that is that ARAM is probably more popular now than Dominion has ever been in its lifetime.

That said, you're comparing apples to oranges, since a small handful of competitive players are the only ones clamoring for ranked Dom, and probably 99% of ARAM players are begging for a queue, since not having one directly affects everyone playing it.

Unfortunately, THIS is the real cold, harsh truth.

Riot would first need to find a way to increase the Dominion population before being able to justify a ranked Dominion queue.

That being said, Riot needs to find a way to increase the Dominion population to justify a ranked Dominion queue and implement it.

I'm pretty much on the side of "Riot, I understand why we can't have ranked queue. So, do everything you can to get Dominion ready for ranked. If you could not keep us in the dark about it, that'd be great." Ultimately, the end results are the same.