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Loading screen rework anywhere soon TM?

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First off, I didn't really know if I should put this into pvp.net client of UI discussion/feedback... I hope that's okay as it is now else please feel free to move it - Thanks and sorry for the inconvienience in advance then if you have to move it.

I was just wondering as more and more UI stuff get's updated, any chance we get a better loading screen anytime soon? I know you people work on decreasing the loading times as much as possible but just some players seem to play league on a wodden toaster so from time to time players are still stuck with the screen for a few minutes...

Things I notice whenever seeing the loadingscreen:

  • Summoner spells are slightly off to the right, especially if you have a s2 trim
  • some champion loading arts are not properly centered in the borders aka the black space seems not symmetrical
  • Some champion loading arts seem to mute borders (are those overlays on the borders?)
  • Besides the VS and the tems there's so much vast empty space
  • Due to the system only showing your teams s2 borders the screen looks rather team heavy (your side, as there are only borders there)

Leaving a screenshot with small markings as attachments.

Those things occur no matter if I play windowed, borderless (default) or full-screen on a resolution of 1920x1080 (2 screens, the league/mainscreen is digital, the other analog).

Can we get some love for that part of the client/UI too? Pretty please? :'(

Edit: Photobucket link (http://i1258.photobucket.com/albums/ii536/TheAkuni/loadingscreen_zpsd14726f6.png) as attachment system scales things horribly...