I know, I know.

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I understand the placement system, and i get why I'm in bronze(sadly went from 2 down to 4, about to hit 5.). While i play ranked, I do so casually. But here's my confusion.

On my main, this account I'm posting on, I have 9 wins, 30 losses. some games I played bad, some good. But in the end it comes down to the teamwork.

I understand people are crying and whatnot, I'm not trying to do this.

At the same time, my other account, Deacon Dean, is also a level 30. I'm in bronze division 2 there, with about a 50 percent win/loss ratio. The point behind this? While your skill is involved, and blaming your team constantly isn't going to get anyone anywhere, I do believe that getting a cohesive team that doesn't autolock a mid champ at last pick, have a leaver, a troll, someone playing a champ for the first time, or any other griefing nonsense, luck is involved in that aspect. Unless I just magically suck on the account I put all my money in to. Is this how ranked has always been? I didn't start until this Season, so I'm just looking for tips, help, general explanations. Any advice. Thanks and cheers.

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In low elo, you just have to carry your team. no matter how hard you try all the other lanes will feed like a bawss and the junlgers cant gank at all. But sadly, regardless of what I have said, I lost many matches even after carrying. So now I'm starting to believe that you have to be lucky enuff to get good teammates in your team or just get fed and yes farming is the key to getting fed. Moreover, buy a ward and save a teemo XD