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Buffs for Karma

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Sorry if this is an unreadable glob. Formatting is not working for me at all.___________________________________________________________ While I don't think that she is necessarily weak, playing Karma is a lot of work for you and your team. A lot of support can do their job really well regardless of their team's positioning. Karma kinda needs her team, as well as herself, to be in proper formation for full effects. This makes life pretty horrible at times, and outright not worth it at other times. So here are some of my suggestions to make her a smidgen easier to play and increase her popularity. ______________________________________Spirit Bond--If the spell expires (not broken by distance), the target is affected by the buff/debuff as if they were to "cross the beam" (sorry, just had to put that in quote). This means you can now slap it onto the enemy champion and actually have it affect them as well, instead of just waiting for them to slip up. ______________________________________Soul Shield--lower mana cost, and slightly decrease cooldown. Many argue that until it is maxed out, Soul Shield is kinda useless. I disagree, but I can see their point. Soul Shield has very low throughput early on, especially if you are not low on HP yourself. This makes it pretty damn hard to use well. A good Karma must prime her target (shield before the fight and time it so the she can shield again mid fight for full effect), and that is one step that most support don't have to worry about--their shields are stronger but has long cooldown, meaning they are to be used once reactively at a critical time. ______________________________________Fan of Knives--change, the, name. And possibly make healing radius larger. It is just really hard to heal after a fight because your team usually refuse to stay together.