Proposing a change to Rengar's ult in lane

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So the consensus now seems to be Rengar could use some tweaks, but we all know that Rengar's been notoriously difficult to balance, due to the pieces of his kit and the jungle/top laner split. While there are many places Rengar can and may be changed in the future, I'm not suggesting anything too drastic since a little can go a long way with Rengar's kit.

Right now, minion damage pushes back Rengar's fade timer on his ult. I want Rengar's ult to only be delayed by direct, champion- or tower-inflicted damage. The addition of that pushback was to introduce some counterplay so he couldn't just run from everything, and to fit more fully with the flavor of his character (he's the alpha predator, not a runner).

However, minion induced pushback hinder's Rengar's ability to secure kills on top lane opponents fleeing to their towers after a duel. It used to be, "jump enemy, if winning duel, then hit ult and jump fleeing enemy again before reaching tower." Now, it's "jump enemy, if winning duel, then hit ult but not jump fleeing enemy because caster minion damage prevents stealth, get slaughtered by tower." So the counterplay to Rengar's chasing is to simply have caster minions, which requires zero thought or decision-making. The reason they added the pushback doesn't appear to be because his top lane chasing was too good. So maybe they can restore his chasing ability to around where it used to be.

So to summarize, make Rengar's stealth only delayed by direct champion or turret damage. It will help his top lane kill securing. It won't help his running from ganks and it won't help his jungle. It's not a major change, but I think it would be a step in the right direction.