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Please tell me Quinn is getting a Jumpjet skin.

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From what I can discern from her lolwiki page (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Quinn), she and Valour are seperate entities.

Sorry, Valor.

Quinn's ultimate, Tag Team, seems to be: Quinn takes flight and Valor comes down, and Valor starts kickin' ass. Then Quinn can descend, spraying arrows all over the place then landing.

First off, ****. Yes.

Second, this implies that Quinn has some kind of wing suit/cape thing, which I've always thought was cool just in general - medieval/steampunk 'jetpack'. So it would be pretty easy to give her an actual jetpack, wouldn't it? And replace her bow with some kind of an assault rifle. Or if that's too much, a big composite longbow.

Point is, I want Jumpjet Quinn. Anybody with me on this?