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Shaco Is a mess ....

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I can not believe what shaco has become... Im just so disapointed. I played him through many nerfs however this is just really bad now. He has always dropped out late game and has been weak in straight combat but this is just a killer now...I mean if I set up 3 boxs set up and one to fear right after another while striking them in the back the whole time with hallucenate with full damage runes I expect the person to take some serious damage for running in my trap as well as the enemy playing aggressively. I even decieve them in the back and keeping the clone to contentiously hit them then decieve backstab them following with a dagger and many a little ignite action. I understand he is a assassin but doesn't mean I shouldn't feel like I'm stabbing someone with a spoon even with damage items and runes. League seems to want to use diverse items and different game play styles but after a few nerfs it does not matter what items he gets. Shaco with armor becomes a squishy orange to a crappy foam armor with the damage of a butterfly. With damage he seems to be outmatched against enemy ranged counterparts with no reward getting to close combat even while stabbing in the back. No matter how much I set up my boxes and trick players into hitting my clone by making it run while letting their backturned while the real shaco stabs them in the back with bonus damage shaco still seems to be outmatched by champions that click one button then do more damage than my perfect set ups scenarios. I have played Shaco alot every and after every nerf I try very hard to become good with him and I end up do becoming good with him but, this time everything about him seems to be weak. I have tried to adapt because at first I had the believe that i just needed to try harded to learn him however this is not case anymore and from my experience playing him I know it. shaco needs high basic stats to prevent him from falling out as well as his ability's adjusted. His boxes need to scale somewhat with his damage as well as scale higher with his ability power. His dagger have been reduced basic damage in old Nerf this time he needs a slight basic damage increase his deceive seems to be balance well for what it does. Hallucinate damage when it explodes is very poor. Champion do not even really mind it late game at all and falls with shaco in late him in general even with high ability power. All I'm asking is just for shaco to get a buff so I can feel like I can have controll over how the end game turns out as well as not feel crushed after unleashing everything on a champion perfectly and it is almost impossible to finish them and they simply burn all their ability's then beat me in fight because mine were just simply weaker despite having more gold and well aware of what the champions is about to do but none does not seem to matter. Just give him a small overall buff with everything just a bit except his ability deceive.