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Should Kassadin get a visual rework?

yep 10 83.33%
nope 2 16.67%
Voters 12 .

Kassadin visual rework

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Junior Member


Now, I'm sure there are people who absolutely love kassadin, like me, but are a bit depressed at his particle effects and model.

I for one feel that his particle effects have so much potential to be amazing, seeing as how his moves can consist of literal purple particles, that can orient to whatever a graphic designer would want it to. Null Sphere could be improved by adding a comet-like trail effect, or a pulsating effect while it travels, that concludes with the distortion effect when it hits(which i quite like). Nether blade, since it has pretty much no particle effect right now, could be given a lighsaber type effect, or at least an impact particle effect that would compliment the fact that he uses this ****ing particle effect sword. Force pulse could be changed by a graphic designer literally hitting every button on ms paint and making the "pulse" look stylish, instead of the fart cloud it is now. Riftwalk also has a ton of possibility, he could arrive with an explosion effect, a portal animation that would be "riftwalk'd" through would also be an idea to name a few.

Now to his model- I hope I am not alone on this because I think its pretty ugly. It's really metallic, and the colors don't contrast well. I think the walking animation is great, the feel of floating and teleporting around is awesome, but the model could mirror that to make him seem more arcane-y, like in the splash arts, which are ****ing brilliant.

That about does it, since this is brainstorming, feel free to add.

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He has one of the ugliest models in game atm (well, since soraka is fixed), right up there with Taric and Sivir. Hope he gets fixed, he's quite popular now, and can sell skins for sure. Go on Riot, I know you want to