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How to properly peel

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I've heard a lot about the term peeling, but I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on doing it properly. Every time i try and do it, I feel as if my adc is just running around anyway and I would be better off dpsing in the fight. Is it because my adc doesnt know whats going on or what?

It really depends. Who is hitting the carry, how the carry is responding, and who you are playing.

Let's use the ADC as an example. If their APC or ADC is going in for your ADC, they should have been dead by then. If you have a gap closer (bruiser/ assassin) you want to make sure they get cced (usually) before they can even use their gap closers (and hopefully the ADC will proceed by hitting them first if there isn't a significant threat in their face.

It is really a question of planning ahead. If they have a Zed with enough damage to instantly kill your ADC with a single combo, you want to make sure he dies before he gets in attack range. If the ADC either has heath bonuses Zed doesn't have enough to insta-kill the ADC, then you can save your skills a bit longer to help them kite. This also applies to most bruisers and assassins. Can the bruisers prevent kiting in any way with slows/ stuns/ frozen mallet? Are there any skill shots that can doom your ADC if they get hit? How often can the enemy use their gap closer?

Now, it may not necessarily be your job to peel. Consider your skills and consider the skills of your teammates+enemies. Can you insta-kill their high priority targets without dying? Does your team have enough CC without your help? How fed are you? If you are under-farmed you are usually better off peeling. If you can quickly take down their high priority targets with your damage (and resistances) while having people to support the carry, then go ahead.

In regards to kiting... you have to see how your ADC normally attacks. Do they move quickly in between attacks? Do they have red buff (if they don't it makes it much harder to kite). If they just auto attack you better pray that nothing gets remotely close to them. If they get hit by a slow/cc their kiting potential also drastically decreases. If the ADC just tries to run away, they could be just generally bad, having a bad game, realize the enemy burst potential is higher than they could possibly out damage, not have enough attack speed, or has too many people focusing them that you cannot possibly peel them all.

It is not always the ADC that you need to peel for. If your ADC has no crit and does not do tons of damage, you want to focus on protecting someone who is fed (minions/ kill/ both).