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@Volty: Quinn Feedbacl Response

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After playing Quinn a grand total of one time I'm going to try to respond to your inquiries as best I can, though I'm sure this may change with more thorough play.

1. Harrier target selection and frequency:

It was weird to figure out at first but once I obtained the rhythm it was a pretty nice passive. It seems to promote a nice in an out sort of game play but doesn't hurt being passive and is a welcome burst when chasing. I felt weird about it not breaking on her E (but not her Q weirdly enough, mayhaps because she was actually doing the dmg/taking the risk) but I could see how that could be a little strong of a semi-free poke with instant distance between Quinn and the target. Harrier seemed like it went after champs more (which i appreciated) but also helped snag some last hits (for the situations where you might be zoned). It was also gratifying that there was a specific animation when I popped it (the multiple shots) and I applaud that.

2. Burst potential during Tag Team:

The burst at 6 didn't seem too strong because of the risk involved in going melee with all of Quinns stats. I made the mistake of using her spells and switching thinking they would reset and had to wait for the cooldowns to reiniate, which seemed weird yet unique considering all the other champs with different forms and spells (which would of course warrant different cooldowns). Later levels I used it more for an assassin style combo to pick off a lone or out of position champ and like to stay as Quinn in the team fights untill the very end (where I would tag team blow cooldowns and skystike for the AOE finisher burst) getting back to ranged after if they were still enemies remaining. (hopefully played
as intended). Late game it didnt feel like a win now button and I constantly underestimated my tankyness while playing as Valor, most likely being used to the Passive tankyness nidalee gains when she goes melee.

3. Chasing sustained dps as Quinn (not as Valor):

Well this is a tough one considering I've only played as Quinn and not against. When I had an enemy on the ropes, the mobility with her E combined with her W seemed very strong, or at least very punishing on the sona who thought she might be able to stay with 200 health. Its a nice burst and if your ahead, aggressive Quinn play can be punishing. Felt almost Graves-esque. Now I'm not sure if thats because they didnt realized they could punish me when I vaulted in or because the numbers are high, but I rushed damage on her considering the steroid and with the passive and it proved to be quite effective.

4. Did you successfully use Vault to escape over a wall?

Unfortunately I did not, but I did W to reveal the neutral camps and Vaulted to them, if I can get points for trying <3.

Not sure if this is the correct area to place this but decided to respond to Volty and hopefully this helps!

EDIT: well it seems after some proofreading before posting I still managed to misnamed the title. It is of course supposed to be Feedback*.