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A bit of logic on Tribunal Flaws

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I guess that means im wrong them lol... sorry for thinking this game has a pathetic ban system because i changed my mind it doesnt its actually flawless... -.- close thread problem solved...

As obvious as your sarcasm is, we're not saying that the ban system is flawless. We actually agree that people who troll with anivia walls, or intentionally go 0/30 should get punished. However those people not being currently punished doesn't mean they will never be punished, and it certainly doesn't mean we think those things are okay. It also has no bearing on if going afk, or repeated disconnects, are worthy of action.

An toxic force that hasn't been caught is not a good reason to allow other toxic forces to continue unchecked.

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Komeiji Koishi

Senior Member


If you have a problem with the ban system send a ticket to Player Support (https://support.leagueoflegends.com/home).

And you're posting in a Tribunal related forum about matters outside their jurisdiction.