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Coaching for all ranked (s2 Diamond player)

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Hey, I am Ken and I had been helping people on the forum since early 2012

I had been offering coaching but going to need some money in the near future (some upgrading and new gears are needed, as well as prepare to rent an apartment with some of my friends in next semester).

A little bit about myself:
Currently a Plat 1 player after ranked reset, EXTREMELY lazy at solo queue, as majority of my time are spent on ranked team. Been to several high ranked teams, achieved 4th in go4lol couple of times, top 16 in alienware arena and more.

I main support now, with mid as a secondary role. I also play AD for CSL purpose and my school team was 3rd in the North America region (San Jose State)

***If you need some simple help, simply go to my thread and I will answer it everyday.

Coaching will be $10/ hr, I will never go less than an hour but most of the time I will go over an hour (On average my 1 hour coaching will usually go to an hour and twenty minutes, unless there is someone else waiting for me). I can also coach if there are two persons trying some specific duo strategy (Such as Bottom lane, Mid + Jungle and etc.). As for ranked team I will charge $15/hr.

Services included:
In-depth build/ reason why you will have situational builds
Replay reviews
Team comp
Specific jungle route for solo queue
Lane matchup
and more.

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thats just the way it is.

things will never be the same!