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Question for advanced players Re: minimap

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I have a couple of questions regarding the minimap because it's use is sometimes aggravating.

Is there a way to turn off minimap commands? Normally, when you right-click on the minimap, your champion moves towards the corresponding place on the large map. This is most frustrating when I want to go towards the bottom-right of my screen and accidentally click the minimap, ensuring I go the opposite direction of where I intended to go! While I do use the minimap for movement sometimes, it's only from the store and it's something I could do without.

Secondly, is there a way to disable minimap camera control? Normally, when you click on the minimap, your camera shifts automatically to the place you clicked. Occasionally this is useful, but I often just want to ping a place on the minimap without actually going there, or use a spell with long range such as TF's teleport or Clairvoyance.

And if there's not, could you please upvote this thread so that Riot will see it and put in such an option? That would be awesome.