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Purge LoL?

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Hidden Sniper

Senior Member


Play teemo top all the time, he wins every lane! Rush Torment in every lane, it's OP! Don't know how to play Teemo? Pick him anyway, reguardless if you have the basic skils of LoL!

I told him Xin was coming top when we were both recalling in the lane brush, he stops and moves TOWARD THE RIVER WITH 300HP! Guess what, Xin kills him. And yes, we had plenty of time to recall, I have no idea why he stopped and moved INTO the river (yeah, he hit the water when xin jumped on him).

I told him Xin was coming through our jungle and ganking via tribrush. I said "Xin in tribrush" and pinged 3 pings leading to top, then a retreat ping in the tribrush. He moves into the tribrush 5 seconds later and gets killed before I could move over to help him.

I give him all my wards, to try and help him.

Twenty-five minutes into the game our bot tower is gone and there are three people mid, the jungler, and the two bot, so we are busy fighting them off. It's roaming time, lane phase is over with. He then yells at us when there are two top, "NO MIA". (He had stuffed three shrooms in every sidebrush, and there was only my one ward up top in tribrush)

Lategame he goes off on his own and stupidly gets caught all the time.

And, he says to me I'm bad because I was "not ganking". Dude, I REALLY tried to help you. I did all I could to warn you, I gave you my wards, and I did try to gank your lanes several times. You followed a solomid guide, didn't build in accordance with who you were facing in lane, fed, didn't listen to your teammates, didn't look at the minimap, apparently forgot you had potions (person still had his three in the beginning after several backs), stupidly placed your mushrooms, and blamed your team when you felt you could for your mistakes.

We need to purge LoL of these players. This is why I'm afraid to hit ranked queue every day. It's one thing to be bad, but to completely ignore teammates and do this stuff... Are they for real? Makes me wonder if hitting 30 should be a bit harder or something.