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Banned for no reason

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Akado Bayushi

Senior Member


I think part of the reason you showed up in the Tribunal at all comes from your name, and the thought behind it.

League is a team game. You have a single-player attitude.

If someone else does not do well, you turn on them and rip into them. This is not acceptable, and it will cause you to lose. Your WW didn't have a good game. You made him even more frustrated, and you guys ended up losing. What would have happened if you said "Hey, WW, don't worry about ganking, we'll hold the fort, just catch up in levels and we'll let you know if someone makes for an easy gank" ?

Carrying your team can be done with words, and leadership.

Throwing a game can also be done with words, and dissension.

My advice: Ditch the loner attitude, work with whatever team you are given, and win more games. Also, if you know you're upset, stop playing and take a break for a bit.