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Banned for maining Lulu mid. RED PLS.

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i say boo U run

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You still refuse to accept it wasn't your build but your attitude, therein lies your problem. Your chat logs show the tale and it's not the prob tribunal always being right it's the fact that you still refuse to admit it was your behavior in chat even after the chat logs were gone over and the stuff pointed out to you..

I've seen and played with AD Soraka/Ad Sona's, they never got reported even for doing bad and in some games they dominated and yes those people also did that in ranked games and yet have never even gotten warnings.

Bottom line don't be a jerk especially when you don't get your way and you'll be fine.

If you choose to keep blaming others and refuse to accept/change your behavior then that ban will end up being a perma very shortly. So make the choice to change and not be a jerk in chat as has been pointed out enough times and your safe.

I would be happy to respond to anything in my chat log you think is bad enough to be bannable, with context. But I fear it would just be nitpicking and you actually put no thought behind your statement and would respond similar to just about anyone on this forum.

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I thought the name and argument presented in this thread looked familiar from somewhere...