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Junior Member


I am really confused about Talon. I love playing him, I really do, but there is just one thing I have to question.

Does Talon's ulti really give him that +40% movement speed like it claims?
Whenever I play Talon and get some sort of slow from Nunu, Zed, and Teemo, my ultimate's movement speed is ****.

Champs like Rengar have a +20/25/30 movement speed bonus for his ulti, but he gets insanely farther on a Nunu/Zed/Teemo slow than Talon although his movement speed boost is 1.75seconds longer

And Kha'Zix also gets a lot farther than Talon even when his +40% movement speed is only for one second, why is that?

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Mister Simple

Senior Member


+40%? I don't recall it ever being that fast lol but you need to keep your R open in order to have that movement speed. Don't forget Rengar can jump on you just as Kha'Zix while both having slows so naturally they'll only catch you.

Source: Mained Talon during S2