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Questions and concerns about ranked

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Seminole Sun

Senior Member


I just finished my placement matches... after starting out 2-0 I managed to finish on an 8 game losing streak and got placed at the glorious level of Bronze IV... The experience raised a number of questions in my mind.

1) How is a system that is designed to get 50/50 win/loss rates have someone go 0/8... the odds of that are tiny... I recognize the statistics are that it will happen to SOMEONE but my experience in Normal queues (which are driven off the same MMR system right?) are similarly streaky. Rarely do I win a couple then lose a couple. Invariably, I have streaks of 5-6 wins and then 5-6 losses.. this seems statistically unlikely. Additionally, most of the 8 losses were 20 minute surrenders (I believe 5). That would seem to indicate fairly lopsided teams.

2) At the lower levels (which I fully admit I am), being a "nice guy" and trying to fill for your team sucks. ADC is the worst position in terms of fun / difficulty ratio in my opinion. It requires good mechanics and, as a result, people don't want to do it. I actually saw more people call support and jungle then ADC...

3) Which brings us to another point, if I'm stuck playing ADC (AFTER I told everyone it was my weakest position), then I'm reliant on another person to try to do well with.

4) The player that advances out of the lower ranks will be the carries because they can control their own fate. So I need to either get good at ADC (since no one wants to play it), be an @$$hat and call mid instantly or find a duo queue partner. None of these are particularly appealing choices though I'll probably end up doing the first.

My 8 losses were
1 3/7/5 Hecarim: I honestly don't remember this game. My stats make it look like a quick surrender.
2 2/8/6 Tristana: Did not play super well. This game probably serves as a textbook example of why I don't yet get ADC. My positioning was bad. My rocket jumps were bad. Again, I tell people I'm not a good ADC and yet get stuck with it anyways.
3 0/7/13 Sona: Had an ADC that was horrendous. Had a team comp in which I was nearly the only magic damage coming out (had an AS/AP Jax in jungle I believe). 25 minute surender.
4) 5/10/7 Urgot. Dominated the lane phase. Deaths came later in team fights when I got targeted and we had no one who could keep them off me.
5) 0/2/3 Nunu. Got trolled in champ select by someone who said they were gonna go top. Picked Nunu support. They picked Soraka and called support after I locked. Darius switched out of jungle to top and I switched into jungle (didn't really have a mastery page for it). Did okay but the Soraka continued to troll. Went top to start with Darius then teleported down (that's right... t-port soraka). Went AFK. Stole CS from Ashe. Ashe went AFK out of frustration. 20 minute surrender of a game that was effectively 3v5.
6) 4/8/2 Talon with 5 deaths coming in the end when we were trying to defend the base. Beat the **** out of Annie in mid but our bottom lane got hammered. And our Elise fed Garen 5 kills by the 15 minute mark. 22 minute surrender.
7) Went 3-4-2 as Cass in a 20 minute surrender. Had an 0/8/1 jungle maokai who tower dove by himself at lvl 3. Rest of the team was okayish but the other team was just way more coordinated.
8) Played Urgot (Taric support) against Draven, Kayle lane. Told them ADC was my weakest (Urgot is my best ADC) and 2/10/2 after getting clobbered by Draven in the laning phase. By far my worst game. 20 minute surrender.

Part of this is just venting and being more than a little depressed at the climb ahead of me. Part of it is the sheer frustration of having been on the losing end of VERY lopsided games. In very few of those games (maybe 2 of the ones above) was I a liability to the team. And yet, our team got stomped... It'd be one thing if I'd lost close games but very few of the ones above ever felt like they were even remotely winnable. It feels like the match making could do a better job than this. It seems to me that with 10 random players across a relatively narrow MMR you should be able to construct roughly even teams.