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What do you think of my first Fan Fiction attempt?

Good 7 87.5%
Bad 1 12.5%
Voters 8 .

The Shadow Invasion

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“The sound of dripping blood,” the spectral voice was cut off by its own laughter, “Well that’s among one of my favorite sounds”. The sloshes of blood and the tears of flesh were the the voice to Thresh’s chorus, the chain. What a sweet melody it was to Thresh and he loved his hymns to play out slow slowly. “Hahahaha... Scream a little louder for me wretch!” The Chain Warden shouted with a wicked shade of glee in his empty eyes as he watched the death slowly wash over his victim.

Hooves slamming against a stone walkway erupted in Thresh’s ear. The Warden turned to greet the approaching steed. “Come to ruin my fun already Hec?” Thresh said, turning placing a foot on the chest of his victim. “The time has come jailor,” Hecarim spoke in a commanding tone as he slammed the butt of his halberd against the ground. Thresh’s empty eyes widened in surprise. “Come.” Hecarim turned away, a most deathly serious expression on his face. Thresh wrenched the hook from the corpse at his feet and, with a flick of the wrist, wrapped his grizzly chain around his arm.

“Hecarim... is this?” Thresh turned to the spectral centaur. Hecarim did not turn to face Thresh he only spoke two words, “You know.” Thresh didn’t show expression for a long moment; until a grin as grizzly and malevolent spread across his hollow face, if it could even be called that. “Rounding up the troops then?” Thresh shoved Hecarim’s shoulder playfully. Hecarim smiled the same way Thresh had before. “Yes, we soon march to bring freedom.”

The most feared pair in all of Valoran would soon be Thresh and Hecarim, but for now their terror would be localized to the Shadow Isles. “Practice... makes perfect, wouldn’t you say Hecarim?” Thresh chuckled as he unravelled his chain and let it scrape against the cold stone of the isles. “You’re too easily distracted Thresh,” Hecarim grunted, disgruntled with the untimely. “Just some quick ones.” Thresh has a place of his own design where unlucky wanderers would be trapped in its concrete twists and turns. The Prison. Once you were inside you were at his mercy, living or dead.

Thresh surveyed his current prey, wondering to himself, “Who will I get to break today?” Usually coated in happiness The Chain Warden’s face only expressed confusion upon looking into his trap. A troop of men walked with purpose through his maze, not with fear. He observed the group with much interest. Who were they? “We are coming for you Chain Warden!” Thresh laughed in amusement, who did these wretches think they were? “I, the seneschal of Demacia, Xin Zhao, will be the one to defeat you and stop your wickedness once and for all!”

The Chain Warden enjoyed a good hearty chuckle. “Big words...” Thresh trailed off. “Let’s see if there’s any truth to them.” The spectre slowly melted into the shadows. Xin Zhao glared with a look of determination and blazing anger. Thresh saw beyond that, into the glimmer of trepidation and fear in the seneschal’s eye. His mind ran wild with ideas of torture and violence. The others were minor obstacles and would be dealt with quickly. Thresh let his chain slowly and stealthily slink from the shadows the the corridor beneath him. With great power Thresh whipped his arm and sent a shockwave through the chain, sending the hook at the end directly into the sternum of his prey. The troop turned to see their comrade sputtering up blood and being dragged upwards into the dark unearthly fog of the shadow isles. Xin Zhao deftly dashed towards his friend to help him, but it was too late. When he escaped Xin’s sight all that could be heard of him were a few short screams and then nothing.

Anger washed over the seneschal’s face, “Show yourself cowardly demon!” he shouted. Laughter echoed through the Prison’s walls. “Please, Xin I’m just trying to have a little fun,” Thresh readied another whip of his chain. Only 2 more men remained before he could give his full attention to Xin Zhao. “Just wait your turn wretch,” Thresh lashed his chain out and it wrapped around the neck of another of Xin’s men. Thresh tugged and tightened the noose until a definite snap was heard. The Warden flicked the corpse from his chain as the Xin Zhao and his last tried to, futilely, stop him.

“Damnit show yourself!” Xin Zhao had no patience left for spectre. “You only worsen your punishment Thresh!” he shouted. Thresh swooped down from his perch atop the walls, landing behind the seneschal’s last man standing. Thresh slammed his lantern into the man’s skull, then gripped his head and crushed it against the cold stone wall with a crackling “splat”. It added to the mosaic of dried blood. “Here I am,” The Chain Warden hissed maliciously. Xin Zhao stood his ground with a steely glare. “Do you have what it takes to beat me, warrior?”

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