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the nerf to resistances went waaaay too far.

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Every character is now a shredder. Restore the armor and magic resist items to their former place (which i recall NO ONE complaining about) or ..... well, there isn't really an alternative. Stacking health is the ONLY solution anymore.

"Oh, you have 200 armor? I'm just going to ignore 50 of it (and then some). Meanwhile, you have severely reduced damage because you've been trying to reduce incoming damage"

if this trend continues, every single item in league will have 100% armor/MR pen by season 4.

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I can sorta agree. However if both teams are fairly even build core health won't win any proper teamfights mid-game. The best "defense items" on TT (imho) currently are:

Runic Bulwark, Frozen Mallet, Sunfire Cape and Randuins Omen

Notice how all of those items give you quite a bit of health. IMHO, building resistance alone should be mare quite a bit more viable but I guess the Health-stacking viability sort of counters the big buff that went to the Black Cleaver.