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[Theorycrafting] Damage Heroes as Support

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I have tried AP mids to support in normals but don't wanna do that in ranked, probably someone would dodge already. Actually Lux is very good, well Lux support is around for a long time. Cho'gath I've had fun doing that too, you can eat the enemy adc at level 6 :s

I've thought about Fidd but never tried it coz I don't wanna get stunned while channeling something. Although you can say it this way, you help divert cc's away from the adc coz you are also a very big threat. Like no one's ever gonna be stupid enough to walk up and stun blitcrank in a 2v2 headon, or rocket grab Taric into his adc's face. But you as Fidd can, probably, take the cc's instead of the adc, and also, probably, might be able to, Q the adc before you die, slip your E into the enemy support and start to W on the enemy adc and hope they have no second round of cc's on you and you can hold long enough for your adc to do his thing and you can R in case you sense any likeliness of them retreating.

And all Sona does is mashing Q.

Lol, that's abit exaggerated, but you do live a better life supporting with sona, taric, blitzcrrank, nunu than aggresive AP damage supports. Probably you can spot ganks earlier because you're not that exhausted. Although if you're ready to go for that kinda challenge it's always good.