Kennen, Lee Sin, or Caitlyn

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need some pros and cons. how they function and what job they fullfill best. just feedback on these guys overall! Thanks!!!

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Kennen; Situational champion, but has solid CC and farming capabilities. Can go top or mid depending on enemy team. Usually builds tanky/AP to make use of his mostly-melee range kit.

Caitlyn; Solid early-game carry, has the weakest late game compared to carries due to no steroids in her kit. Can play extremely aggressively with snap traps, has the safest escape skill for a carry, and the long range is nice.

Lee Sin; powerful early-game assassin/bruiser, falls off a bit late game, extremely combo-based but good once you get the pattern down. Very versatile compared to most bruisers.

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Kennen: He can go top, mid, and adc bot.

Pros: Great laner, Pokes ALOT. Energy based. Hextech revolver = infinite lane sustain if you don't take too much harass, ult can win team fights, can be built both AD and AP.

Cons: Due to being energy based, prolonged fights are not his forte, have to be able to aim your Q, escape can be ruined via slows and has a huge energy cost, if knocked away his ult won't hit anyone, has to dive into the enemy team to use his ult.
Caitlyn: ADC bot

Pros: Insane range, can snipe runners, great laner, traps make it harder to gank her, has an escape that also slows, Peacemaker is great for pushing and harassing.

Cons: No AS steroid, Peacemaker makes her stand still, if someone sticks to her through her net she's screwed, trap cap of 3
Lee Sin: Jungle, Top

Pros: Energy based, AS steroid on passive with energy regain, has a nice harass combo with QQW, tanky, kick can save your team, shield can save lives, nice clear time, counters stealth champs, can use wards to jump walls

Cons: Due to being energy based prolonged fights are not his forte, melee, complicated to learn, relies on AA to regain energy,
Sorry don't have too much on Cait and Lee