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trolls win

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looks like to many cursing all in that 5 matches...
maybe this the one that caused you to be banned... some people just wanna have fun on the league, and your toxic behavior is reducing other people fun experience with this game...

Game 1 :
Thresh [00:14:11] stay the **** out
Thresh [00:14:39] you did that enough
Thresh [00:14:44] hence me out lved and out golded
Thresh [00:14:53] because u lved off of my lane
Thresh [00:14:59] like a ****ed rtetarded **** jungler

Game 2 :
Thresh [00:11:38] yer a ****ing idiot

Game 3 :
Kayle [00:01:38] first time thresh?
Kog'Maw [00:01:43] Not his fault
Thresh [00:01:48] first time being an *******?
Thresh [00:09:59] u suck as adc
Thresh [00:10:03] u should quit the game

Game 4 :
Malzahar [00:10:59] omfg
Malzahar [00:11:03] why are u guys pushing my lane
Malzahar [00:11:13] first time playing
Malzahar [00:11:15] ever
Malzahar [00:11:21] wow
Malzahar [00:11:23] **** you
Malzahar [00:11:26] and go **** yourself
Malzahar [00:12:44] and got their whole ****ing team theier at 10mins
Master Yi [00:13:09] learn not to rage or curse
Malzahar [00:13:25] and im not raging
Jayce [00:13:25] stop typing god
Malzahar [00:13:28] learn to play

Game 5 :
Malzahar [00:13:42] can i snag blue plz lee?
Malphite [00:14:29] gj
Malzahar [00:19:03] wow
Malzahar [00:19:05] really dude
Malzahar [00:19:19] fine win w/o me
Malzahar [00:19:23] not even gunna say ****
Malzahar [00:19:28] ****in kid

and in some matches you easily enraged when other people help you on your lane, and cursing them and stop cooperating after that... this is a team game, getting the "killing" hit sometimes is not the priority... getting the "team kill" is the priority, so if other people get the kill, it's for your team sake, so all is good for your team...

in the end, maybe we can all learn from this mistake, and try to make the next game more enjoyable to everyone by being friendly and cooperative...


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i only post cause your reactions will be funny.

Thanks for starting with that. Obviously I can't help you.