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AP Tryndamere

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AP Tryndamere is generally considered a troll build and is likely to lose lane, but if he starts getting a few kills, if you don't shut him down he'll carry ridiculously hard.

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AP trynd is very viable. I out sustained and outplayed darius easily top lane with triple his Cs. was tower diving him. i rush nashors toothe and cdr boots into rabadons and lich. i generally have very long killing streaks not due to being OP but playing smart, knowing when to engage and when to peel out. AP trynd can be very hard to kill for champs without heavy CC or healing reduction debuffs. the trick is out sustaining and out harrassing champs early game. if u start to push them out of lane your cs will skyrocket over them and u can carry a game with enough minion feed like anything else does. In teamfights heals mainly a heal tank, nothing more. His dmg can be rly strong but its by no means OP. with a solid build and lich though u can spin into a vayne and wipe out half her health. 5 secs later unless u crit u can spin into her again and kill her xD