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Yet another tribunal ban

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people like this don't like that answer, accurate as it may be, therefore it is incorrect... To them.

Meh, while true, this is the best argument we can give. If they can't accept that, that's their problem, not ours.

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If somebody for example IRL screws something up thats something you spent alot of time on then you wouldnt go rage on your pillow or desk you would go rage on them theres no reason to take it out on stuff that makes you look weird theres NO moba game except for league where they ban people for saying a combination of words also known as cussing which is extremely volatile and can end badly for everyone it should not be a bannable offense it should be a reason to mute persons for maybe about 3-4 days but not bannable, this makes me think that riot only uses that as a excuse for making people make new accounts if they go over the limit too much (havent done that) and then they will usually buy RP because being stuck with 0 characters except for free ones really suck thats their marketing a disgustingly cheap one too.

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I'd say they'd lose a lot more players if they didn't ban all the ******bags, but this is going to fall on deaf ears. Also, IRL there are no computers (and perhaps several thousand miles) separating you from the target of your aggression.

Case in point, you agreed to Riot's terms before you started playing, and in LoL, what Riot says, goes. You agreed to that.

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vi los casos y en todos te vi actuar de una manera pesima.sincerante te digo los jugadores copmo tu arruinan el juego