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Current Replay Buglist

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I played custom games with bots only and when I trying to watch replay I got this message:

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As we all know, the replay function has not been working. It has been saying that the game was private, even if it was your own game. Well, I clicked on a replay of a game I had just played and lo and behold, it loaded up... and promptly crashed. So I was not able to watch the replay, or download it as a .rofl. So... at least the function to watch them is working, just not the viewer for me. I've tried this 6 times and each time it loads the crashes. Hope this gets fixed soon since watching replays to repro is a great way to test.

EDIT: Asked people in Public Chat to see if they could load and play their replays.

Treue said

got a message saying the replay version didn't match the client version but it still loaded

He also said it played but he did not try to download it.
SuJu loaded, played and downloaded his replay.
Ten Tackle watched his downloaded replay. They both got the same error message as Treue, but it still loaded.

TL;DR: Only I have this problem lol. Everyone else I have talked to have their replays fixed.

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Hey Shaw, so unfortunately this is a weird bug with borderless and windowed mode that exists with Spectator, currently. We have been investigating this and will hopefully have a fix for this soon.

A workaround for this issue is to press ALT+Enter, to put your window in fullscreen, and then setting it back to borderless to match your previous settings.

I have this problem with this playing any game type via any medium in LOL and/or PBE... as do my friends... it is not a Spectator specific bug... unless people spectate me and my friends a lot... which I doubt for it happens about every other game... no mater the computer I try it on... I've re-downloaded and installed the client, repaired the game, etc. it is a futile effort... thus why I stray from ranked... especially since my last game of it the game wouldn't let me connect to it for a good 5 minutes because the client had a the screens sprites (or whatever you want to call the video/images) disoriented and alt tab did not fix it... I had to restart my client and load in... and I was adc... so the game was over from there.

Anyways, It would be nice if one could see end game stat readouts (gold earned, damage dealt to champs, etc), I know countless times have I been disconnected after a match ends in such a fashion that I never got to see the end game stats... Would be a nice touch.

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1. A "download replay" button, allowing you to download certain replays to your local system

They would have to make a separate client then to be able to view them. Or, convert them to video for you. This would be nice, but I imagine it will be quite a while before we see anything like this. If you want a backup of your replays, i would just use LoL Replay for now. If you want the video copy, you will probably need to download a fraps like program to record while viewing.

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I use a laptop both on and off of a business domain. The default folder for the replays is on the domain since the first time I opened one I was connected to it. Now I cannot view any replays unless I am connected to that domain and there appears to be no way to set a different folder to save the replays in locally. When off domain, if I click on watch replay it greys, but never loads the replay or takes any other action.

BTW everything else in the client works fine, just the replay folder is stuck on the domain server folder i use instead of on my local drive. We need a way to change/ set the default folder instead of it just choosing wherever it wants.

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1) Ping icon is there, but doesn't do anything (I was told it was taken from spectator, so this is still here)

2) Chat is disabled, probably intended?

3) Sometimes when you use the replay last 15 seconds, graphical effects from previous effects (prior to those 15 seconds) spring up all over, causing momentary lag

4) If you have a replay up when you attempt to start a game, it glitches, it won't load your game, you have to leave and attempt to reconnect, and even that doesn't appear to work sometimes - I had to restart my client to get into my game.

5) When I watch a replay, it requires me to restart the client before it appears in my Replay Browser.

I'll be editing this if I discover more. This is the same/similar list as on page 1 of the Replay Thread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3125519

If anyone needs to look up a replay, go ahead and check out my account, WerewolfTrey, my last 3 games in match history should be able to be watched as replay.

WerewolfTrey has not been found,try again later -_-

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WerewolfTrey has not been found,try again later -_-

That's because I changed my name recently.

KamaitachiTrey is the new me. My name on the forums and my name on the PBE will always be the same.

Also, guys, there is a stickied Replay Bugs thread that is more useful than this! Check here: