Suggestion for the Champion Select Screen

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So what I've noticed a couple games in a row is that in ranked the time to pick a particular position is limited to the response times of your team. Sometimes this can lead to shaky picks, especially if you aren't duo queued or have a team of 5. My suggestion is to have buttons to the left and right of the players (to the left of the players on the left and on the right of the heroes on the right) to enable them to pick their preferred spots. Now this isn't calling the lane out, rather it gives the team a general idea on what the person prefers. Perhaps you can even select the spot before you go into queue.

For example, you could pick top, jungle, mid, support, adc, counter, fill...ect.

Just a suggestion. I hope this helps people organize more quickly.

Or you could do something like if they type one of the above, it highlights a light selecting they called the lane first. I think the first suggestion promotes more teamwork, where the 2nd is more of a solo act. In either case, I hope you take this under consideration.

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This has been thought of. And shot down. Where's PogoPogoPogoPogo?