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Fiddlesticks BS

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Arius the King

Junior Member


General Mustache:
Tenacity reduces the duration of CC (with the exception of Suppress and Knockup/Knockback).
If you build mercury treads it would also give you magic resist to reduce his damage more.

In general though, the bot was fed quite a few kills. This will make almost any bot difficult for an uncoordinated team.

I'll build for Tenacity next time then, but it wasn't that he was fed until /after/ he started coming out of nowhere with his BS. He fed on minion waves and sudenly became invincible, our Veigar, who was mid against him, should've been able t decimate him based on how much AP he had right? His ult was barely doing any damage to him.

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Senior Member


I have found fiddlebot 2 be THE strongest of all BOTS so it's not surprising to see this thread, most people that play fiddle do so poorly (atleast at my elo) the bot is annoying yes but if you know how he works then he is a chump. I'd suggest if you are having difficulty playing against a particular champion 2 learn that champion it helps in beating them when you are against them. Knowing the c/d of his spells and what order he will cast them in is crucial.