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Please make a change to Syndra's passive

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Junior Member


Hi forum. After spending quite a while playing and getting better with Syndra, I started to feel like her passive holds back her early game a bit. Because of this, I request that her passive is changed. Instead of the current passive, It should be a "per level", rather than at max rank. Here's a visual explanation of what I mean:

Current Passive : Transcendant
Spells gain extra effects at max rank.
-Dark Sphere: Increases damage by 15% against champions
-Force of Will: Increases the slow duration by 33%
-Scatter the Weak: Increases spell width by 50%
-Unleashed Power: Range increased by 75

[Potential] New Passive : Transcendant
Syndra's abilities gain additional effects after their first rank. (could be worded better)
-Dark Sphere: Increases damage by 6/9/12/15%
-Force of Will: Increases the slow duration by 9/18/26/33%
-Scatter the Weak: Increases spell width by 12/25/37/50%
-Unleashed Power: Ranged increased by 50/75

Though it may seem like a small change, it will definitely help her pre-9 gameplay. Instead of having a useless early game passive, it benefits her. Let me know what you guys think, and any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Tang Bohu



I think it would be a good thing. She is still in need of a buff of some form of buff, and I believe it needs to be in the passive. [This is in regards to the entire current passive as a whole] While I like the theme behind it (Power limitless therefore passive increases power as 'potential' (level) grows), I believe the passive needs a rework of some sort. She has consistently had a poor win ratio and been placed bottom tier since her release.

Her playstyle is so fun, but I would rather not feel I'm gimping my team by picking her. My feelings on this are the same for Malzahar too though... (QSS for the win.)

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Big Daddy Kaz

Junior Member


Her early game needs no assistance, she scales incredibly hard and has one of the most aggressive blue buff laning phase in the game. Syndra with blue is an autowin lane. If you dont play aggressive with her from the very start your laning with her wrong. She is fantastic the way she is and needs NO changes.