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Brand + Liandry's

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Just a question in general: I love brand, especially with zombie skin he is so fun. When Liandry's came out I was excited to try it on him but it wasn't "that buff" since most of his spells are AOE and you couldn't get the full potential of the item. But now with the recent rework of it, I have a feeling brand might be able to do some serious damage (even late game where he generally falls off). With liandry's doing 12% of current health (if you have a slow on them) and your passive doing 8% of max health, you do some serious poke damage. This could help brand where I've noticed he lacked: hurting tanky/hp people. Sure he can burst carries down but against a mundo or cho it was nearly impossible to win 1 v 1. And just imagine if you hit their entire team with your ult or w in a team fight, thats 20% of their team's health gone if you land just 1 spell.

Another champion I believe this fix would help is Malzahar, that DOT from he E is extremely buff even at low levels, imagine it with the new liandry's. I'm also afraid this will mean more teemo/ap trist players since liandry's + poison will hurted. I wish there was a passive on this item "Unique Passive: Yordle Hater: This item hates yordles and is ineffective on yorldes such as teemo and tristana"