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Help with Irelia

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Senior Member


So I was looking around solomid and saw a few nice Irelia builds.. but was wondering.

What is the standard rune setup for her? Attack speed marks is pretty obvious to maximize on her Hiten Style damage.. but what else?

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I like mark atk.spd obviously.
a mix of Flat armor/scale for seal and same for glyphs as mr.res
Quint I prefer flat Ad but that's just me.

I found 21-9-0 and 9-21-0 to work fine depending of the team comp.

I always put 1 in stun first then max W asap

Merc tread most of the time is the bomb.
Trinity make her w0otw0ot
Then depending of the circumstances, wit'S end (hallaaaaaa), spirit visage or randuins BRAOW.

After then , it'S up to you. But a really good item on her is the one that I don't remember the name right now for some reason XD

ZEPHYR thank god.

Have fun and go pwn some 1v1 with her and laugh at most champ