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Who sides with who in Noxus?

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Ask Tyrant Swain:
If I recall, Swain was associates with Katarina's father. Read LB's judgement. LB does not like General Du Couteau, whilst Swain seems to favor him.
Besides, since Swain is the leader of Noxus, shouldn't Kat follow the Sion and Urgot path, at least a bit?

You might have her confused with Riven.

Riven brings up an interesting thing to kick around.

Would Riven return to Noxus proper with Swain running the place.

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Oh my bad I was wrong about the Swain /LB thing. And no I doubt Riven would return. It feels more like she has a problem with Noxian culture over just the person running it.

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Lord Mordor

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While Swain did mention Kat's father of being noble blood, LB clearly did not feel the same...and the two of them are close allies. The general was very popular and could have been one of the those in consideration for becoming Grand General once Darkwill was out of the way.
Swain benefitted greatly from Du Couteau's disappearance

also, the last information that Katarina has on her father was a possible meeting around where Swain and Leblanc were meeting.
Basically to her Swain and LB are likely suspects in regards to her father....plus there is her passive aggressive response to Swain's coronation