Swain and Talon's Love Child - My Quinn Fanfic

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Long ago, a war was waging between Demacia and a nation by the name of Noxus. This battle went on in the fields of justice for many years... until only one stood victorious. The might of Demacia prevailed, and Noxus was taken over by Demacia. It became a very poor, mistreated area, it was the slums of Demacia. People here lived in poverty and squalor, the once mighty Swain included among these poor souls. He found love and companionship in the once Noxian assassin Talon... And finally, the fruit of their loins came to be... A bouncing baby girl. At this point in the future, it has become possible for males to conceive together.

Talon was glowing while he was with child. Nine months later he gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, they named her Quinn. They kept Quinn a secret; they trained her in the ways of bird training and assassination, hoping that one day she would help Noxus rise again, but they didn't tell Quinn about Noxus, they didn't tell her about the fields of justice... Until Noxus could rise again. Finally, Leona, whom is Garen and Lux's daughter found out about Quinn, seeing her training her bird in a beautiful sunlit field outside the slums of Demacia; Leona immediately went and told her parents. Garen found and decided to have Swain and Talon executed publicly to set an example to the rest of Demacia that homosexuality is wrong. Teemo was the one overseeing the execution, but Quinn had other plans...

When the execution was about to begin, Quinn swooped in with Valor, diving upon Teemo and destroying all of his shrooms. Garen was so mad, he tried to spin on her but he was so exhausted after the romantic encounter he had just finished with his siswife, Lux. Valor and Quinn rescued Swain and Talon, and ran into the streets of Demacia where they hid out until nightfall where they could find someone to help. Talon and Swain explained how when the country was known as Noxus, gays had rights and were allowed to marry. Quinn loved both of her fathers very much, so she sought out Zilean who helped her go to the past with Valoran to fight on the fields of justice as a double agent for Noxus, secretly wishing to sabotage Garen and Teemo.

This is just a rough draft, I plan on adding more later. Tell me what you think! I also write love fanfic concerning Garen and Lux and their child from the future Leona.

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Why the hell is my talon gay ._. and how the hell does he give birth