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I want to make a sincere apology

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Hi Guys,

I´ve been playing this game something like 2 years now, and I´ve not being a good team player since pre-season 3, I don´t like to rage or qqing or whatever, even so since pre-season 3 I noticed that now you need a certain skill or at least a good knowledge of your champion and the champions that you are against with.

So my question is what is going to happen with the casual players that they are not that into the game, looks like the casual players try to play the game but they are not familiar with the new items, the jungle, top/bot/mid lane, and looks like those player are the ones who are not good in this season because league of legends is more balance, health is op right now, etc,

I´m not the kind of guy that rage a lot but it is really frustrating that someone plays horrible and there is no way to go back in time to dodge the queue.

A lot of my friends play league of legends but we played between 3 or 4 (mostly) , so we cannot play ranked because we are not full team, so we need to play normals, when we play normals we got a lot of ppl that is trying new champions, trolling or just see if a crazy build works. (that´s ok, I remember that I did that with mordekaiser a while ago ), but what happend with us that we want to play serious or at least a good game trying our best and do whatever we can to win the game, sometimes we lost and that´s ok if we lost because we the final battle at baron or because they were really good thats ok, but if someone trolls or try new champions that they didnt know how to use it, then its really frustrating for us, as we want to play and work our team works together.

So I want to apologies to everyone If was disrespectful in anyway.

I want to propose:

- Maybe before you go into queue maybe the client asked you for a role (Top/Mid/Jung/Bot/Fill) and maybe we can match better in the queues, I know that you want to leave some liberty to the people create their on roster and not follow the meta that's ok ( I just played vs xin/jarvan in bot lane... we couldn't do anything about it ) but sometimes we just want to play some style that doesn´t do some changes as I know that most of the people play alone there is no way that you know that the other guys is going to know how to play that role properly. ( Also I´m not sure if you are aware that the community has his own way to do that... they called first his preferred role in the chat if you are the first then you got your role. if not then you tried your second best) and yes with this feature we will mitigate "mid or feed" or those kind of attitudes.

- Maybe you can create another typeof game instead of using normals for testing a champion ( so we can mitigate the problem about It´s just normal and they feed) maybe you can create another style like try a champion, that everyone that wants to try a champion they can go for it.. chose their champion that they want to test and select their role, so in that way you will have 10 people trying a new champ with a X role ( I am talking about blind pick) in that case is balance and they are going to try their best and if they don't know how to play they are going to try their best, or at least they are going to do that, I mean that's the purpose of the game have fun with your favorite champ.

- Honor initiative it is great but looks like even with that we are getting a lot of bad attitudes, also sometimes there is a little amount of people that reports/honor to someone, so what if before of sharing the stats screen (after the game) you guys pop up something or maybe you should not show the stats until they honor someone something like a vote system.