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[Game][minor] Blitzcrank Feedback

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I just tested the new Blitz skin.
I like it a lot.
Some minor things:
The mana bar was not showing the blue fill in (numbers were showing)
The grab animation, though awesome, seemed a little fast in comparison to his default skin, and i believe it is not visible enough, which can make dodging harder.
Love the animation though.
great work on the other animations too.
One little gripe:
The callback animation is a joke in my opinion. He is scratching his head. that is all.
Looking at the snowdown skins (esp. Veigar ) and Panda Annie (so cool with the inflatable bear), Blitz' animation is very underwhelming, if not disappointing.
Also, being a fan of the iRobot movie ,i think you should make his chest light glow red when he grabs/attacks.
Great work overall. Definitely gonna buy that skin on my main!