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[GAME][MAJOR] Multiple In Game issues

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SKT Kayge

Senior Member


Game 1 Test Neon Strike Vi

//Untested - Her autoattack animation looks to be reaching past her targets. Range is listed as 125 in the tooltip but her hand is going past the center of her target almost reaching entirely through them. Not sure if this is just an animation glitch or Working as Intended I did not play with Neon Strike Vi prior to this just the original skin.

The Mana bar is not appearing at the bottom of the screen. When I cast a spell the part of the bar that empties fills up and empties. It would seem that there is no graphic enabled for health of Mana while it is unaffected by manacost.

Same problem with the Health Bar doesn't show until I'm affected by an attack or ability.

The game was on Summoner's Rift, 1v5 bots, Ashe Bot, Master Yi bot, Morgana Bot, Fiddle Bot, and Leona Bot.

Had one instance where I was fighting Morgana She ulted and I killed her before she finished her ult (roughly 0.5 seconds before the 2nd tick) but her ult finished casting and killed me aswell. The log when you die noted the killing blow was dealt by Dark Binding however instead of Soul Shackles. Soul Shackles was not even listed in the 3 attacks, Dark Binding at about 500 damage, Tormented Soil at about 400 damage, and Auto Attack at about 100 damage.

Summoner Spells, Teleport/Flash in that order.

GAME 2 Test Neon Strike Vi

Health and Mana Bars still missing at bottom of the screen, however correct values are visible above your champion

All problems persisted from the previous game. Instead of having an instance with Morgana I had a problem with Master Yi, I was hit with an Alpha Strike roughly 0.5 - 1.0 after Master Yi was announced dead. The corpse hit the ground, then vanished and the animation for Alpha Strike went off, I took the damage then corpse went back to the ground.

Summoner Spells, Ignite/Flash in that order.