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What Games not to Play

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If the following events take place in the character select screens on a normal game mode you are better off quiting and taking the 5 minute timer then sitting in a 20 to 60 minute game that will be more painful then fun.

Your teammates cannot decide on who will mid and decide 2-3 players will all be there.
No one plays an ADC.
No one plays a Tank.
Your mid is jungle character.
They whine about positions.
One player autolocks and tries to take a position they never called.
Someone starts to brag about how "Good" they are in any way or shape or form.
And the Top Reason to Leave.....If you find out the rest of your team is a premade! I would recommend leaving instantly as the following can result:
Most have at least 2 bad players that will make your chances of winning practically impossible.
They will all blame you even though it is because they don't know what they are doing.
They will often force you into a position that is needed for the team or just not let it be played.
They have set up already where they want to go.....asking you to go somewhere, but not giving you a choice either way if you want to have a balanced set up.

This is basic survival techniques to avoid those nasty games because other players want to torture you and others, by either refusing to quit, even though the game is long past actually any chance of winning, feeding, or having 4 people who dont like the way you played reporting you for stuff that actually isn't true. The tribunal doesnt see gameplay and tend to be harsh on summoners as opposed to actually reading or trying to figure out what is going on.